Hi Dad! Your daughter are watching the Line, ignoring iPhone screen time!

Hi Dad! Your daughter are watching the Line, ignoring iPhone screen time!

Do you know what and how long your kids are doing on their smartphones?

With an iPhone, it's essential as a parent, because you can use Screen Time to set a time limit for each app or category, and immediately know what you are doing, right?

At home, I handed my daughter an iPhone and used screen time to limit the amount of time a line could be.
However, if you notice it, your
dughter are doing Line with your smartphone.
What happened? There was a trick behind the delicate procedure!

In this article, we describe the screen time function and the tricks to keep looking at Line by peeping at the blind spots of Line and how to deal with it.

This is an article I want people to read.

  • I'm giving my child a smartphone (iPhone) and spending time on Line, but for some reason the child is looking at my phone all the time

The trick to keep playing Line even after the screen time has passed. How to pass through my daughter and how to deal with it

Setting the screen time for my home

At my home, since I hand over the iPhone, I limit the usage time of Line by screen time. (Of course, the usage time of the iPhone itself is also limited.)

Screen Time > App Limits

It is a setting that cannot be used after the time limit of the day has passed.

You can continue to play Line by ignoring the screen time limit!

If you set the screen time, you can check the daily usage time of the application from the parent's mobile phone.

If you select the date, you can see the usage hours and contents of the day

However, one day when I checked the operation time of my daughter, the usage time of my daughter's iPhone was ridiculous!

The usage time of Line exceeded the limit significantly and exceeded 5 hours!

She also ignored the rest time (in my home setting, I restricted her phone from touching after 20:30), and she was touched after 9pm!

It seems that she is using the iPhone, completely ignoring the screen time.


The trick that keeps playing Line ignoring screen time. "My daughter continued to use Line in this way"

Now, how did my daughter continue to play Line, ignoring screen time?

After checking, it seems that the screen time limitation can be disabled for Line by performing delicate steps.

Prerequisite Line settings

First, as a general premise, it is necessary to have all of the following settings.

  • You have registered a fingerprint on your iPhone
  • Line password locked
  • Touch ID setting is ON with password lock of Line

Many of you may not know Line Password Lock, but it's a feature of Line that requires a special password to open.

Password lock can be set from the privacy management screen of Line settings.

Now, from here, I will introduce the procedure of specific tricks. You may be pretty surprised!

Step 1 restart iPhone

Restart your iPhone

Step 2 After restarting, try to open Line

When you restart, for a while (about 10 seconds), screen time startup can not catch up and all apps can be opened. (This was also surprising at first. Normally, you can open it for only a short time, and even if you open it, you will immediately be in a screen time prohibition screen.)

At this time after the restart, I try to open the Line in a hurry. However, do not enter the line passcode here to open the line completely.

Wait in the line passcode input screen.

After a while, an additional login screen with Touch ID will be displayed, but wait further.

By the way, after restarting, if you do not open Line quickly, Screen Time will start before this screen is displayed. In that case, restart the iPhone and start again.

Step 3 Press Home button twice after starting Screen Time

If you wait in step 2, the screen time prohibition screen will appear in a few seconds.

Screen that is restricted by screen time, which is displayed after waiting for a while

When you get to this screen, press the Home button twice.

If you see this screen, you are successful. Touch the screen to ignore the screen time limit and enter the line passcode, and the line will open.

If you follow the procedure other than the one introduced here, even if you press the Home button twice, this screen will appear and you will not be able to enter the passcode.

Screen when it fails

Once successful, you can continue to use Line (even if it is the lock screen) as long as you do not close this Line's screen.

Of course, you can also send and receive messages.

However, even if you send a message strangely, the number of unread messages may not change.


Can this secret trick be used in other apps?

This secret trick seems to be related to the passcode unique to the application and Touch ID, and it seems that it can not be used with major applications other than Line.

However, I am worried about Facebook's Messenger, which has an application lock function added in 2020. It seems that App Lock has been added in the privacy settings, so maybe the same secret trick can be used! ? It is necessary to verify it in the future.

Other tricks

This site also shows you how to get past the screen time limit and watch the video.

If you are interested, please check here

Is there a way to respond as a parent

I guess this line was probably unexpected for both Line and iPhone. As a parent, it is quite difficult to deal with it systematically, and the next option is what you can do.

  • Countermeasure 1 :Prohibit setting Toucu ID on iPhone
  • Countermeasure 2 :Check the screen time regularly

At the end

It's an unavoidable world for kids to use Line now. Among them, as a parent, the question is not how to restrict Line or smartphone, but how to restrict it. After all, it was an incident that made me think that whatever the restrictions were set, children could find a way out due to the endless guts (laugh)